Replacement Brush Heads for Facial Massager

Color: AE-868-HEAD-BLUE
Sale price$19.90


Please choose the brush head that suits your machine


1. Easy to install and remove, the perfect replacement for brush heads.

2. Plush, dense, extra-fine bristles specifically designed to remove sebum.
3. Improve dullness and reveal radiant-looking skin.
4.This brush is perfect for sensitive skin to help you achieve a glow you never had before.
5.Replace your Brush Head every three to four months to ensure the most optimum clean
6.Exfoliates dead skin cells leaving your skin softer, smoother and improve skin tone. Reduce Appearance of Pores, Wrinkles, Fine Lines and Improve Skin Tone
7.Improves Absorption of Creams and Serums
8.Suitable for all skin type

Replacement Brush Heads for AE-868

Replacement Brush Heads for AE-878

Replacement Brush Heads for YJK005



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