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BIOAQUA Acne Removal Cream Gel Anti-Acne Scar Treatment Skin Care Face Whitening Cream Moisturizing Oil Control Acne Remover 30g

NET WT: 30ml

Product Name: Acne Cream

Feature: Remove Acne Scar Pimple, Oil-Control, Repair Skin Cream

Suitable for: Unisex, both men and women

Shelf Life: 3 years

When you get inflamed, in the period, in adolescence or in the pollution, are you worrying about the Acne Issue?

Please do not worry!

BIOAQUA Acne Removal Cream will help you resolve all the Acne Issues and find Confidence!


Usually, there’s 2 ways to remove acnes.

90% products just help remove acne on surface which is incomplete and acnes will appear again very soon!

10% products will help remove acnes from the bottom of skin which is BIOAQUA Acne Cream.

3 Steps to uprooted from the inside:

*Dissolve Acne toxin: Super-penetrates the bottom layer of the skin, dissolves the pox, and at the same time absorbs accumulated

*Absorb Oil: The highly soluble South American avocado extract contacts with acne, which can quickly integrate and decompose oil.

*Repair Acne muscle: A variety of plant active ingredients activate and repair damaged cells, so that acne skin will be renewed.


24-hour continuous Anti-Acne

Step1: Dissolve greasy sebum on acne muscle

Step2: Plant active ingredients penetrate into the bottom layer of the skin

Step3: Active ingredients work to sterilize and repair damaged muscles.

Step4: The repairing ingredients heal quickly, forming new keratin histoocytes and activating new skin keratinocytes.

1 Piece enjoys 4 core Functions

1//Remove Acne without Scars:Quickly resolve redness and swelling, pull out toxins, accelerate skin metabolism, repair acne marks.

2//Balance Water and Oil:Multi-effect adjustment, control oil secretion, and maintain water-oil balance for a long time.

3//Shrink Pores:A variety of plant active ingredients activate cells, astringe pores, and tighten skin.

4//Repair skin:Repair damaged skin cells, activate cell vitality, help skin rebuild natural barrier.


Step1: First cleanse the skin;

Step2: Take an appropriate amount and apply evenly on the acne and acne marks;

Step3: Gently massage in circular motions to help absorption.

TIPS:For sensitive skin, it is recommended to conduct an allergy test on the back of the ear before using the product.



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