Kojic Acid, Glutathione lightening Soap

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Frequently Questions:

1. Why does soap bubble water?

Natural handmade soap will produce 20-25% glycerin during the production process, plus a lot of precious moisturizing ingredients originally contained in vegetable oil. When the weather is humid, the handmade soap will automatically condense and lock the moisture in the surrounding air, so it condenses into the soap surface The water drops have no effect on the use of soap, just wipe it off.

2. The color and fragrance of soap

The color added in the soap is a natural pigment content of a few ten thousandths. Although some soaps are rich in color, they will be washed away with water during the washing process and have no effect on the skin (the pigments in food and lipsticks are all natural and safe). Our soaps will try to maintain the original flavor and use natural pigments, such as flowers and plants. , Chlorella, natural mineral mud, Chinese herbal medicine, green tea powder, carrot juice, cocoa powder, etc., can make soap more fragrant and nutritious. In order to match the soap with aromatherapy, some soaps use pure plant essential oils to add fragrance to the soap. However, the flavor of natural essential oils added will gradually fade and volatilize over time.

3. The shelf life of soap

Because soap soap does not add chemical stabilizers, preservatives, and preservatives, the storage time of soap soap is much shorter than that of industrial soap. It can be used within 3 years when stored in a cool and dry place. In general, soap is better to be used within one year.

4. How to preserve soap

Handmade vegetable soap contains many natural ingredients and plant essences, so you should usually store the soap in a cool and dry place, so that the moisturizing ingredients in the soap can keep fresh. Soap that is not needed for a period of time can be stored in the refrigerator.





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