Retinol Eye Serum

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【Name】Retinol Eye Serum

【Net content】10ml
【Function】Tighten the skin around the eyes, help instantly moisturize and fill wrinkles, tighten and fight wrinkles, repair the skin, and make delicate skin. The eyes look fresher and younger.

【Precautions】1. Avoid children's contact, pregnant women use with caution;
2:Do not use on wounds, or other damaged areas. Perform local tests before use. If you feel unwell, stop using it immediately.

Palace-level skin care ingredients
Retinol ——Effectively fade fine lines faster,Cares for collagen,Tightens and shines around eyes.
Helichrysum Stoechas —— Has good antibacterial, anti-mites and anti-oxidant effects.
Nicotinamide ——Repair damaged stratum corneum lipid barrier and improve skin resistance. Deep water lock effect
Simmondsia Chinensis——Maintain skin moisture, prevent wrinkles and soften skin.

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